Hey there! Welcome to my blog 🙂

I have always been the person who has a lot to speak and as well as wants to speak a lot but is unable to due to various reasons, one of them is me being unable to open up easily. I do not exactly call myself an introvert because I do have a lot of friends,but it is also true that I am not very bold and I have my own set of stories, adventures and dark secrets which I do not feel comfortable sharing with any of them who know me personally. But off late I feel like letting it out somewhere but I am still not ready to do it face to face. So, I thought why not have my own blog? 

This blog is purely about various journeys and experiences of my life. I would also like to mention that none of the blogs that will be posted are going to be an imaginative story.  So, if it is simple, complicated or bad , this is truly and solely my life. I hope that you would be able to connect to me and my life without judging me and also understanding my point of view 🙂

Being the mysterious woman, I hope I am able to put my heart out here,as much as possible. Enjoy 🙂



I hope y’all enjoy reading it and comment your thoughts on my situations and decisions. Thankyou!

Being A Woman

If you don’t sit with your legs closed,  you are not a lady. If you don’t dress up “decent”, you are not from a good family.  This is our social values. I’m sorry, but who taught you this?  Being a woman is not defined by the way we dress or by the way we talk. …