Will I Ever Find My Prince Charming?

Nope, I am not that girl who has been single for years and never fell in love waiting for the right man. I do love someone. I have him with me in my life and I know he loves me. But you know there’s a difference between “love”  and “being in love” and I don’t know in which one of the situation among the two am I currently dealing with.

I don’t know if what I’m saying makes sense but all I know is that it’s 2AM and unable to sleep I’m wondering if I will ever find my “Prince Charming” . Do they even exist? No idea. At some point in life we all dream and hope to find the perfect guy, the perfect romance partner. I think this is that point in my life 😀 

I love the man I’m dating. He’s mature in his own ways, he’s funny, cute and makes me feel secure. We’ve been together for almost 3 years now and yes I know that’s quite a long time to accept him as my Prince charming. He was. Maybe he still is. I don’t know. When I first saw him in college, there was this spark. Something so exciting and everything that happened was my kind of fairy tale. He would stand in front of my class to just watch me blush, he would wait for hours till I finished class, and we were the best according to everyone. Best days of my life, I agree. But now I don’t know what is going on. I know I love him, and I know he loves me or atleast I think he does. But you know, that spark is missing. That “magic” . 

This has now led me to such dreamy imaginations. Others might call it stupid, but it seems like I’m wishing for something dreamy and hoping for it to come true. Maybe it will never come true, maybe it actually is stupid, maybe there is no Prince charming but I’m stuck on the hope of what if one day I might find mine? Or what if my lost prince shows his magic again. I’m waiting for that day. After all, hope is what keeps us going, right? 

Goodnight. Cheers!

Your Mystery Woman, XoXo 🙂


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